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The YouTube version without ads was practically safe by now, but now we know more about what it will be like.

Google has been preparing a version of YouTube without ads for several months that we could access with a monthly fee, with some controversy especially in regards to the interests of independent artists.

Now a mail sent to YouTube partners (the creators of content), reveals changes in the policy of use for this new version. It makes sense that it is these users who are notified before, since it is those who are most affected by the change; Ads keep a large community of creators and removing them can have consequences.

Youtube without ads can cost 10 dollars

In this email Youtube confirms that it prepares a version without ads with a monthly payment, but states that this will be an additional source of income which partners already enjoy with advertising.

Prices are not mentioned, but there are already sources that indicate a monthly fee of 10 dollars, and is playing with the possibility of offering offline access, that is, being able to watch videos offline. Those are the characteristics of YouTube Music Key, its music service, but apparently the plan is that both services coexist despite being so similar.

Nor is it that content creators have any choice: they are required to accept the new terms of use if they want to continue using the service. This document specifies how they will be paid: if a user pays for the subscription and sees one of our videos without advertising, YouTube will pay us.

The company guarantees to pay creators a 55% of profits of the YouTube subscription system without ads, depending on the monthly visits or the amount of time the user has spent watching the video compared to the rest.

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