Threadit, Google’s new tool to send video messages

From area 120, Google’s internal incubator, they have created a tool that can help increase the productivity of teams.

This is Threadit, and it offers short video recordings to share work and connect with others.

Threadit is available from the browser or as a Chrome extension, and it helps us say and show more with a video message than with an email or chat. The creators indicate how they are using it:

We use Threadit to show each other our progress, ask questions or request feedback without having to coordinate schedules. This helps us reduce unnecessary meetings while remaining a more united team. We have more time to think and do focused work, and the meetings we hold are more effective and easier for everyone to schedule.

Today, Threadit is available to anyone who wants to give it a try. We can speak directly to the camera or share a screen. It is possible to repeat what we are doing, in case we do not like the result, as if it were recording a video from WhatsApp.

We can record as many short clips as we want, Threadit stitch them all together into a coherent video message. When we’re done, we’ll send it to the team. Anyone can reply with their own video message when ready.

Some people are already using Threadit to share sales presentations, others to record product tutorials and send updates on what they are doing, or simply to celebrate the team’s birthday.

If we install its Chrome extension, we can record ourselves and anything on the screen at any time, even from Gmail. .

You can start at, although it is not yet available in all countries (when registering it will indicate whether you can or not, not yet in Spain).

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