Three options to discover music that hardly anyone knows

The world of music has changed a lot in just a few years. Streaming platforms have invaded homes, and most of us throw away the playlists we already know, making it difficult to get to know new rhythms and artists passively. If we want to do it, we have to look for these new jewels, and today I will show you three options to do it.

The first one is tuneX, a kind of Tinder for music, where we can put music on and discover other people’s music simply by sliding our finger and indicating whether we like it or not. The themes are stored in soundcloud, and it has basic social network tools to get in touch with the creators that appear there.

The second option is, where creators can upload their music and users can list 5, from best to worst. In this way, the platform is highlighting the best that is in its database, launching new artists who decide to use it to fame. We can search for them by filtering by category in the upper part, something fundamental, since we cannot compare the best jazz song with the best of rock. The content is also stored on soundcloud, the premier source for amateur content. takes a different approach, it’s a kind of music search engine that asks what music we like and then think about what we might like as well. The downside is that sometimes it brings us titles that are known to many people, nothing created in a garage studio a couple of weeks ago. With a similar approach we have, by the way.

There are only three options, but there are many more that can help you discover new faces. We will show it to you on our Instagram channel for the next few weeks.

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