Tidal, when artists create their own music service

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The music situation is still complicated, but is Tidal really the solution?

Born as a service that puts sound quality above all, it has not been long until this relaunch, a sign that today it takes much more to enter the market than an interesting detail.

So a revolution was playing, and it was commanded by Jay Z, a famous rapper and businessman who bought the startup for $ 65 million, picked up his schedule and started calling his friends. The result is the new Tidal, which is presented as a music service that puts artists and users ahead.

This was the Tidal presentation circus

At the relaunch conference, Jay-Z invited all kinds of personalities. It gave the impression that the characteristics of the service mattered little: what really fills the covers is having a congregation of celebrities in one place, and that was in large numbers.

Daft Punk, Rihanna, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Deadmau5, Kanye West All these and more celebrities came to show their explicit support for the project, signing a declaration that they would collaborate to create a better music streaming service.

Tidal appears to have been reformed to face a common enemy of artists. The record companies? Of course not. That will take a lot of effort and lose money. The answer is obviously the rest of the streaming services, with Spotify to the head.

It is no secret that the speech repeated endlessly by the most famous artists is in disgust with Spotify for not paying them enough, although the company has continually defended itself by posting earnings data. In spite of everything, that has not been enough, and artists like Taylor Swift they have abandoned Spotify and switched to Tidal.

Is there a clear project behind Tidal or is it all a publicity stunt to discredit Spotify? At this point it seems rather the latter, although in favor of the project it must be said that Tidal’s initial idea (to offer music in high quality) was not bad at all. Whether the service will improve and expand after this performance circus is another matter.

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