TikTok will start showing ads based on user activity

TikTok will begin to implement a new dynamic from April. This change may affect the user experience as you anticipate displaying personalized advertising by default.

Although personalized ads are already an option on the platform, from next month the settings will be changed automatically in the accounts.

How to disable personalized ads on TikTok

So far, the advertising shown by default on the platform is based on user settings, but they are general ads and not personalized. In other words, user activity is not taken into account, neither inside nor outside the platform. But this is about to change.

TikTok is already advising users that from April 15 changes will be applied in the way of displaying advertising, since personalized ads will be enabled automatically.S, personalized ads based on their activity, as mentioned in Mashable.

So from your activity and interaction on TikTok, you will see different ads for products and services that advertisers think might interest you and lead to a purchase. And as the TikTok message mentions, this new dynamic in partnerships with advertisers helps keep the platform free.

Although this dynamic will be implemented automatically, users will be able to control whether or not they want this advertising system to remain as the default configuration in their accounts. So TikTok will continue to allow users to choose the current advertising system, if they wish.

An option that you can change after April 15 from the TikTok settings. To do this, just go to Settings and Privacy >> Privacy >> Personalization and data. In this section you will find that personalized Ads are available.

If you do not want them to be implemented in your account, you just have to disable the option so that it only shows ads without personalization. And you will see that deactivating this option also disables the second option Ads from third-party advertising networks.

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