Tinder Introduces New Ways to Break the Ice

Tinder presents Facts, a new feature that is already in several countries, including Spain, to make it easier to break the ice when we make some contact.

The idea of ​​Facts is to allow us to add information about ourselves and increase the potential of matches, with phrases that can help open a topic of conversation.

Facts are displayed between the photos of each profile. It appears as a way to share more details about our personality, and its operation is very simple:

– Click on the profile icon, select the option to add multimedia content and create a new Fact about me. – We choose some options, always with the option to see more Facts. Each one tells us something, and we have to give an answer. – The facts are shown as a photo, and will be seen when someone finds us on the platform. Among them are phrases such as: The song I sing when I wash my hands, I am seeing…, two truths and a lie. – By clicking on add, we will have the immediate response added to the photos of our profile.

The photos that are published can be altered in order, as well as deleted when we wish.

They tell us that they will add new Facts in the coming weeks, so stay tuned if you don’t find any that represent you.

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