Tinyvid, a free tool to reduce the size of videos

Compressing the videos so that instead of occupying Gigabytes, they occupy Megabytes is not an easy task. You have to know exactly how to compress so that you don’t lose a lot of quality, and have the right tools, which are not usually free.

On mobile there are several options for editing videos, but few perform the compression process efficiently.

The fact is that if yesterday I was talking about an intelligent technique to reduce photos, now a new free option appears that can help with the issue of reducing videos: Tinyvid.

The creator of the program indicates that he wanted to do it when he saw that it was difficult to share images of the game through Discord. It says that instant play files are typically 5 minutes long and up to 2GB in size, but Discord Free only allows you to upload a maximum of 8MB at a time.

To solve your problem I create Tinyvid, capable of quickly cropping and compressing the video while showing a preview and allowing you to select the file size you need.

Video file size limits are an integral part of today’s freemium services. They are a balance between having the service for free or not having it at all. We have included some useful presets like Discord Free, Discord Nitro, WhatsApp.

We can configure the tool to adjust its size to send videos through WhatsApp, which has a limit of 64 MB, but there are other options within its interface.

Now they are working on the following functions:

– Support for previewing more file types (mp4 / mov and webm for now) – Support for H265 encoding – Support for AV1 encoding – Support for hardware encoding (Nvidia NVENC) on Windows – A queue for processing batch files.

The program is available at for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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