To charge the electric car anywhere

A scarce presence of charging stations is the main reason why electric cars have not been massively adopted. This is where SparkCharge, a company founded in 2017, has taken the initiative to build mobile chargers that can be available to users when they need it.

This is how SparkCharge is seen as the pioneer company in having created the first fleet of electric car chargers on demand. In this way they will have the ability to assist electric cars in a situation where they may suddenly run out of power or do not have a nearby charging station.

To do this, the electric car driver must make an application known as BoostEV on his phone, through which he must report the place where he is together with the level of charge that his battery has left.

Subsequently, the driver of the car will be attended by one of the providers to whom he must indicate a meeting point where he can arrive and then proceed to recharge the car using a mobile system large enough to be transported in a small van or service crane. .

This SparkCharge project could be interpreted as a merger of a roadside assistance system and rechargeable batteries.

There are 13 places in the United States where SparkCharge currently provides service, some of these being large cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, while in others such as New York or Dallas users can obtain it through commercial partners (Honk, AllState) .

A portable battery module named Roadie represents the key to the service offered by SparkCharge, which is available in powers of 7, 10.5 and 14 kWh.

As for the price, this is 50 cents per mile, not cheap, but it is a very useful stopgap measure as countries take the initiative to build an infrastructure that encourages the widespread adoption of electric cars.

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