To create a bot on Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger already allows us to create bots, systems that automatically respond to users and learn with use, that can be configured, monitored, tracked … They say that bots are the programs of the future, that apps will not be necessary to request a pizza, since with a simple chat it will be possible to carry out these types of actions, and today we see how it can really be true.

At they have now introduced compatibility with Facebook Messenger. It is a platform that allows us to create bots for various systems, including Slack, and adding Facebook messenger multiplies its possibilities.

From we can build a bot without having to program anything, it is only necessary to define actions, keep in mind the words that we can receive and the appropriate words that will be used as responses. It is possible to set variables and create simulations of conversations, and when finished, easily integrate with the desired user of the platform, in this case with one of Facebook messenger.

The language of the bot can also be defined, and although they promise that in a few minutes it is possible to have the bot working, to make it really attractive we will need more time, since it is important to see the demo videos of the platform to take advantage of all the functionalities offered.

A good way to be one of the first to offer a bot from our Facebook messenger.

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