To create and share your own stories in the form of comics

Now that the weekend is here again, it is time to discover fun and playful applications that allow you to unleash your imagination during your free time. In this regard, the idea of ​​MemeToons has caught our attention, an application that for simplicity we can define as the Instagram of the Cmics.

In this regard, it is a mobile social platform focused on the creation and dissemination of stories in comics format, which even also houses collaborative capabilities for the creation and editing of stories with family and friends.

Encouraging creativity and imagination through comics

The application, available for free for Android and iOS, allows users to use their photos and images, to which they can apply comic effects, to later add different comic-style elements that allow the stories to be shaped.

If you do not want to start from your own images or you do not have them for any given reason, MemeToons also has a library in which users can browse to find content for the creation of their own stories.

As in many social platforms, once the story is satisfied, users will be able to publish it publicly, so that it can appear in the feed of all users of the platform, or privately, in this case allowing only friends to see them.

Thanks to the ability to publish stories with public visibility, users will also be able to discover stories created and shared by other users, which will also serve as an element of inspiration.

With the Retoons function, users can, together with their friends and family, reimagine stories by adding them as part of others or editing them to give them a different meaning. It goes without saying that the only limit is in the imagination of the users, where in the case of the application, there is no limit when creating stories.

And it also allows sharing the stories created in external applications, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, among many others, which allows the stories created to be more widely disseminated.

This will allow, for example, that users can spread stories as memes that can even go viral. Users can download the application through the respective official Android and iOS application platforms for free.

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