To create interactive 3D timelines

Making a timeline on the Internet is a great way to tell a story, both for educational use and to explain something to friends and family.

There are several options that allow you to carry out this task, and we are going to focus on one of recent creation ChronoFlo Timeline Maker.

Available at, it allows anyone to produce compelling timelines about history or culture that they can share on the web.

Before commenting on their roles, let’s look at an example with a timeline with the presidents of America: click here (the 45 presidents of the country in front of the key events that took place during their time in office).

The London-based Webalon company has been responsible for this new application capable of creating online timelines to highlight the lives of famous people, examine defining events in human history or celebrate a company anniversary.

They know that there are similar applications for 10 years (you can see several in this link), but they bet on 3D views with events in the background or foreground, creating a visually pleasing parallax effect as you scroll through a timeline. , reminiscent of 3D side scrolling games.

You also have a wide variety of customization options. There are five different view types in addition to the 3D view, including vertical and horizontal timeline options.

Users can choose from several handcrafted themes that come standard with the service, each applying a radically different color scheme to a timeline. There is also the option to create your own theme, allowing you to create a color scheme that perfectly matches your brand.

At launch, there are over 20 event panel layouts to choose from, including Gantt-style durations, pull quotes, and image panels, which we can mix and match in a single timeline. This means that it is not necessary to redesign, resize or change the color of the events manually, the software does it automatically.

Regarding the business model, it is a freemium model: we can create a fully functional timeline that can be shared on the web without paying anything. Premium account users can embed their timelines on their website and upload images to ChronoFlo’s servers.

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