To improve the WiFi of our house

In today's video we show you tricks to improve WiFi at home, without using open soda cans, just common sense and some basic knowledge about how signal transmission works from a router.

In it we will talk about interferences, as well as materials that must be avoided so that the signal can go as far as possible. There are devices that, in operation, can also prevent signal transmission 100%, and we talk about them also in the video.

There are three variables that we should always try to optimize: interference, number of obstacles and distance to the source of the signal (the router). In the first case it is important to also take into account the neighbors' Wi-Fi signal, and check if they work on the same frequency channel as ours. For this we can use apps like Wifi Analyzer, for example, which indicates the frequency bands of other detected signals. If we see that one overlaps with ours, we can enter the router and change it so that it does not suffer at this point.

If you opt for an existing signal regenerator or amplifier, it is important that you calmly study where to put it, since corners, furniture and objects can absorb the signal from the two sources in the same way as one. Its installation is simple: it is plugged in and the signal to be extended is specified (we will inform the data such as the network identifier and the security protocols.

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