To invest in startups fighting COVID-19

There are more and more companies that are born to fight against COVID-19, and there is a website that does not allow you to know many of them and invest in them.

This is the DemoDay of, a project that was born a year and a half ago so that anyone can invest in startups, and that now have a showcase of those dedicated to the fight against coronavirus.

He released his Fight The Virus challenge in March. Their deadline was tight: They had three weeks to review 2,500 applications, interview 200 of the best, and finally choose 17 of them for their program, where they invested $ 50,000 in each of them to create products that fight COVID.

Three months later, 13 of them are ready in time for this Demo Day, and for the first time, anyone can invest as little as $ 100 in these startups.

They are 19 founders who expect the investment of thousands of people around the world who believe in their products.

These include a robotic system that helps companies deliver in a safe and timely manner to their customers, a laboratory that produces 1,000 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine through pilot-scale manufacturing, a visual communication project for Doctors effectively evaluate the patient’s condition, one that performs therapies inspired by the data collected by microbial and animal genome projects, another that helps pharmacies to go beyond the dispensing of pills … on their website you can see the selected projects and, if you believe in any of them, the button to be part of the investor group.

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