To make our Android look like an iPhone

Do you have an Android smartphone that you want to give the appearance of an iPhone? For this, there are launchers, tools that fulfill the function of assigning the software of your Android phone a different aspect.

There are a wide variety of launchers available to perform this task, although Phone 12 Launcher is one of the most successful, reaching an estimated of more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

In this sense, Phone 12 Launcher not only modifies the launcher icons and their appearance, but also adds elements of iOS such as a control center, lock screen, notification panel and status bar.

However, it should be noted that Phone 12 Launcher comes bundled with advertising, as well as a permission system that can be invasive as a result of the requirements that the app requires in order to function.

Thus, for elements such as the control center, the iOS notification bar, among others, it is required that the overlay permission on other apps be activated, as well as the notification permission to show these in the iOS style on a dedicated screen. .

In the case of permissions on the camera or storage, you may have the possibility of denying the app access to them.

Regarding its interface, Phone 12 Launcher offers you the possibility of assigning iOS 14 backgrounds to your Android. Likewise, the icons and folders generated by Phone 12 Launcher are the same as those of the iPhone, although, unlike the latter, you can arrange them in the place you like.

It is remarkable how similar the control center and the notification screen are to those found on an iOS device, although, since these are superimposed on the Android interface, they can cause the power of your phone to consume more quickly.

In addition to Android widgets, Phone 12 Launcher has support for its own widgets, as well as the left panel with which you can have quick access to items such as contacts, weather and suggested applications. Click HERE to download Phone 12 Launcher for free.

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