To recover deleted documents in Windows, new tool from Microsoft

The new Windows File Recovery tool will be the program that we will have to access in Windows when we want to recover files.

The objective of this software is to recover files that we delete by mistake. Windows File Recovery is a command line application that will recover a variety of files and documents from local hard drives, USB drives, and even SD cards from cameras.

Although it does not support the recovery of files in cloud storage or network shared files, we will be able to access it as soon as possible after deleting important files, even from the recycle bin. It must be done quickly to avoid that the section of the hard disk is not occupied by new information.

What files can I recover

We can use Microsoft’s new tool to recover MP3 files, MP4 videos, PDF documents, JPEG images and typical Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

This program will have a default mode designed primarily for NTFS file systems. Recover files from a damaged disk or after formatting a disk. A second mode will allow users to recover specific file types on the FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems, although it takes longer for the recovery process.

We can use it both to recover independent files and for many files from a drive deleted by mistake (such as a pendrive).

Microsoft already provides a Previous Versions feature in Windows 10 that allows you to recover documents that you may have deleted, but it must be specifically enabled through a File History feature that is disabled by default. Now, from your store, we can download the new executable and use it to recover what we think is lost.

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