To send large files safely and quickly

We have already seen a multitude of tools that allow us to send large files to our acquaintances, but times change, thus allowing alternatives to appear that also cover the most current concerns.

In this sense, it has just entered the scene Wormhole, the new tool for sending large files, which tries to differentiate itself from the rest of the options by providing security with its end-to-end encryption, and by the speed of sending.

With the security and speed in shipping by design

In his manifesto he even compares himself with Dropbox and other similar services that do not have end-to-end encryption, pointing out that they have the key that could allow them at any given time to access the hosted content, noting that:

All important web services are designed in such a way that they provide your data key for the service. They can unlock their data whenever they want. They may hand over their data to the government. Or a dishonest employee might poke around and you will never know.

And on the aspect of speed, they go so far as to indicate that they even admit direct transfers. In this sense, although it supports the sending of files up to 10GB, for files up to 5GB, they will be stored on the servers for 24 hours, while files larger than 5GB, Wormhole uses direct transfer via p2p, so Users should keep the web page open until the files have been fully downloaded by the recipients of the files.

To use Wormhole it is not necessary to register, just access the web and drag the file to send to the sending area, or open the system’s web browser and locate the file to send.

It is likely that over time we can see the appearance of other proposals for sending large files, with security by design, as an alternative to what we have come to know until recently, being Wormhole a clear example of what we can know from now on.

We are in a context in which data security is increasingly prioritized, together with the growing distrust in the main technology companies due to the power they have acquired over time, together with the possible appearance of problems related to data security. privacy over time.

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