To update Instagram from Windows or Mac

If you are responsible for several Instagram accounts, you receive the photos by email and you have the responsibility to update the social networks of the clients, surely you would like to be able to update the content without having a tablet or a mobile nearby.

Instagram does not allow updating photos from third-party applications, it is not possible to do it with hootsuite, nor with buffer, nor with ifttt … it is necessary to have the original application installed on our mobile device to make the publication, although it is possible to transform our Windows or Mac into an android tablet and do it from there.

With, for example, we can have an Android device in the form of an application for these operating systems, being able to install Google Play apps as if it were a mobile.

Once we have installed bluestack we will have to associate the simulator with a Google account (just like we do with any android mobile device), and start installing what we need.

Opening Instagram is simple, we just have to install the application and identify ourselves with our client’s account. The problem comes when we have to access the photos, since there is no search button that allows us to reach our hard drive, which is why it is convenient to install a file browser or the Gmail mail client. If we do this second step, we can send the photos to our email of the simulator and save them in it, allowing them to be opened from Instagram in the traditional way, if we choose to install a browser, such as ES File Explorer File Manager, for example, We will have to access the Windows directory and find the image we want to share, clicking on the corresponding icon and sending the photograph to Instagram (this process can unexpectedly close the application, since it consumes more resources and bluestacks is still in beta mode).

Having an android inside a Windows or Mac is always a good idea, it allows us to test applications, make better quality captures and perform certain processes more easily, although the use of two fingers when zooming and the typical swiping of some apps will be lost with the use of the mouse.

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