Transform sounds into “listenable” works of art

When I find an interesting business model, I have to share it, and here is one that has really caught my eye.

This is a company that offers sound printing. We go up the one we want: the first words of our son, the I love you of the love of our life, the bark of our beloved dog … whatever we want. Sound Wave Shop take that file, extract the image of the wave and offer it in different formats.

But the idea is not only to put in the living room a painting like the one shown in the image above, or to wear a T-shirt with the sound of our cat, they also offer the possibility of listening to said sound at any time, and for this they have the magnificent QR codes.

That’s right, each painting, sheet or shirt has a QR code, so that when capturing it with the mobile (here I explain how to do it without using apps) we will be able to listen to the sound wherever we are, since this file is saved in its servers and we only need an internet connection to get it.

It is not cheap, a film costs about 40 euros, and a shirt about 30, but the result promises to be of good quality.

If you want to know more details, you can find them at, where you can see some of the work they do from our recordings.

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