Transparent display technology

Transparent screens have been for years one of the elements that have always been part of science fiction films, helping to raise the perception of an advanced future where everything is possible, being also one of the tools used by Tony Stark in films. Iron Man to access information when you need it.

However, there comes a point where reality tries to replicate the technology shown in these types of films.

This seems to be the attempt of a team of researchers from the Jilin University located in Changchun, China, who devised a method to develop transparent screens with a result that has nothing to envy to the screens of mobile devices in terms of reproduction and contrast. color.

This achievement could represent a breakthrough as it will provide the future possibility for smartphones and tablets to be displaced and replaced by smart glasses.

The process in creating these screens has been exposed in Chem magazine where the team involved explained how from a new approach they created electrochromic screens and endowed them with the ability to change their color and opacity.

In addition, the team took into account the properties of light and manipulated them so that they would work in their favor when applying a voltage.

Once this was done, the team proceeded to shape their idea, thus achieving a pair of transparent panels to which a material composed of metal salts, dyes, electrolytes and solvents was injected together with electrodes that were then concentrated in a folded adhesive that acts as a spacer.

For the dyes to act on and off, they depend on the metal ions and molecules in the filler to generate new bonds when the voltage is applied.

The researchers also observed that as the dyes were mixed and activated they produced different ranges of colors such as gray, purple, pink, green, red, yellow, magenta and cyan.

In this way, the screen will have the ability to go from a transparent state to black, offering a high contrast ratio, which will be essential for the text to be legible.

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