Trend Micro urges immediate uninstall of QuickTime for Windows

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Trend Micro, a company specialized in security solutions, raises the alarm about the QuickTime application for Windows, urging all users who may still have it installed on their systems to uninstall it as soon as possible.

The company points to two fundamental questions to raise the alarm: the application will no longer have official support from its developer company, Apple Inc, and on the other, the existence of two critical vulnerabilities found under the Zero Day initiative that would allow remote execution of malicious code when visiting a malicious website or when opening a malicious file.Considering that QuickTime for Windows will no longer receive any patch, the security company urges users to uninstall their respective computers as the best way to be sure, both now and in the future, even if there is a possibility of filter the vulnerabilities found. He also adds that for now he has not found any attack taking advantage of some of the vulnerabilities found.

While it is true that today there are much better and more efficient alternatives, being VLC among them, it is also true that there may still be users in the world who have QuickTime installed on their Windows computers.

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