Trilix, the folding electric bike with a range of 120 km

Within the folding electric bicycle sector we have the Italian manufacturer Moto Parilla, who arrives in Spain with the Trilix model, a mobility alternative that is worth taking into account.

We are talking about a vehicle with a central electric motor from Bofeili with a power of 250W. Its battery offers an autonomy of up to 120 km, being made up of LG 21700 cells (36V with 15 Ah).

When it comes to assistance, there are five levels, something quite normal among electric bikes. Its design with a folding aluminum tubular frame is striking, as well as the folding speed, ideal for urban use, where we cannot spend half an hour folding the bike before going to work.

There are models with 16 or 20-inch wheels, and it has a more powerful version that can reach 350W with over boost, although it is important to remember that reaching a speed of 32 km / h with this mode is not allowed by the legislation. European, so it can only be used in private venues.

They are available in matt black, orange and pearl white colors, and prices range from 1,700 to 2,000 euros.

You can get more information about the different models at

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