Turn your phone into a Star Wars lightsaber and start fighting in the new Chrome game

And since the euphoria for the premiere of the latest Star Wars movie does not calm, now it is Google who fuels the fury with a new game for Chrome in which we will have to fight against the new imperial soldiers protagonists of The Force Awakens.

This is a Chrome experiment that allows you to enjoy an experience entitled Escape with a laser sword (Lightsaber escape, in English) and the idea is to go through a ship attacking these stormtroopers. Sure, you need a weapon for the fight, so you will have to unsheathe your mobile because it is he who will become our powerful lightsaber.

To start playing, all you have to do is go to in Chrome from your desktop, so, a personalized URL will immediately appear that you will have to open from Chrome on your mobile to enable the PC-smartphone connection. Subtract some initial combat classes to calibrate and learn to handle your saber-smartphone and you can face the enemies that come:

The game / experience has been developed in conjunction with Disney, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & MagicSo it's official. Regarding the technology used, they comment on the official Chrome blog that these are high-quality 3D renders built with WebGL and with WebRTC and WebSockets to facilitate real-time communication between devices. To know more, it is worth checking the article due in Google Developers.

Anyway, another tool to enjoy Star Wars and its latest film. By the way, this morning we recommend an extension to stay away from spoilers by automatically blocking them from our navigation.

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