TweepsBook, to save and classify the tweets that we want

Many research works begin on Twitter, where it is possible to find links, texts, photos and videos on the most diverse topics. We can save tweets to consult them later, or to have them always present when putting the references of the work we are doing.

The problem is that Twitter does not offer many resources to classify and find the tweets that we save, so it is important to know external options that do that job efficiently.

One of those tools is TweepsBook, a Twitter bot that only requires three steps:

– Create an account at identifying ourselves with our Twitter account. Since it needs many permissions to function, I recommend using it with an account other than your main one, such as creating an extra account just for tweepsbook, for example. – Reply to the tweet that we want to save with the following structure @tweepsbook bkm #tag, where tag is the category where you want to store the tweet in question. BKM is the abbreviation for bookmark (bookmark, in English) .– Access the control panel to see all the content that we have been saving, classified, as shown in the screenshot below:

It is true that it is not the ideal way, because the response we make in the tweet that we want to save remains public, dirtying the conversation thread of the corresponding tweet. On the other hand, there are users who can limit who comments on what they post, so it will prevent someone from using tweepsbook to save their content.

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