Twilio, now available worldwide, communicating with voice and messages on web and mobile applications

Today, since San Francisco, the TwilioCon, a company developer conference Twilio, in which its CEO, Jeff Lawson, has been passionate talking about both the present and the future of the company, where in addition to presenting figures and phrases to the attendees, he has exposed Twilio’s international expansion, entering compete directly with traditional phone companies wherever it is present.

Among the figures provided, it indicates that Twilio has more than 150,000 developers who use its API, it has processed more than 500 million total calls and 1.5 million daily calls. Also, he’s on his way introduce local phone numbers in 20 new countries joining the countries where it already offers this service, allowing developers to receive local phone numbers in those inhabited continents, with the exception of Antarctica, entering those markets where they were not previously present, such as Australia, parts of Asia and Latin America.

Twilio is bringing its innovative API-based service to phone companies, which allows developers to create cloud-based phone numbers, both on the web and in mobile applications, costing less than the services of telephone companies, being easy to implement for different geographical areas.

The partnerships Twilio is running makes him focus not only on expansion, but also on the quality of his service. And to that end he announced the new Global Low Latency (GLL) and quality of service through the use of geographically strategic and intelligent routing data centers, which means that the calls made on your network, in addition to being profitable, are of quality.

It leaves in the air the possibility of offering different qualities of its service to its users in a similar way to what traditional telephone companies do. The possibility of offering other services in other markets is also being sought, although it has not disclosed which ones.

Twilio continues to pursue its goal of offering a global API, and in fact already offers its services globally.

Link: Twilio | Goes: TechCrunch

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