Twit-it – Tweet what you are seeing

When we are visiting a site and we find it interesting and we want to share it on twitter, we have to copy that link and tweet it. Ok, it’s not a lot of work, but since we are followers of the law of least effort, why not save us a step?

It’s about Twit-it, a service made in spain that helps us tweet what we are seeing or visiting at that moment on the web.

We make this possible thanks to a link that, by dragging it to our favorites, we will have a perfect direct access to tweet that website where we are. By clicking on this link, a simple non-intrusive window will appear, which will allow us to indicate our Twitter username and password and add something if we want to that url that we send. We can even remember our details to save ourselves one more step.

But not only does the subject remain there, since on the page we provide a small code to be able to put it on our website and that users who visit us send to their twitter account that entry that they find attractive enough to share with their contacts. There are custom codes for wordpress, blogger and Expression Engine, and for everything else, a generic one that we will have to modify as necessary to fit our site.

This is accompanied by some simple instructions so that everything works correctly.

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