Twitch will make it easy to remove videos to avoid copyright issues

Twitch, the increasingly popular platform for the transmission of electronic gaming sessions, owned by Amazon, does not escape the claims made by different copyright entities, when they observe the use of some of their copyrighted materials in the transmissions. of users through their respective channels.

So the platform wants to provide facilities to the so-called streamers to avoid leading to the extreme of having to remove channels that are affected by ongoing removal requests received for copyright infringement.

To address the historical problems of the use of content subject to law

According to an email message that the platform has sent to the streamers, it informs about the new tools that will arrive throughout the second half of this year, according to the roadmap, so that the streamers can have more control when managing their content.

With them, streamers Not only will they be able to observe in their inboxes the requests received by the DMCA for the elimination of content on their respective channels, but they will also be able to know the number of copyright warnings that they have also received in this regard.

Where appropriate, the streamers They will be able to delete their publications individually, in batches of 20 simultaneous, or all existing publications simultaneously, thus avoiding the extreme of having to watch their channels suspended indefinitely.

In the same email message, it is clear that the arrival of these tools is a direct consequence of the wave of requests for removal of streamers made under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that they received last year.

These tools will contribute to streamers greater control when it comes to being forced to manage the contents of their channels according to the requests and warnings received, for which they will even have various methods of ordering content to be able to carry out the elimination of those that may put the continuity of their respective channels.

What one wonders is why have not all these tools been brought in the past, coming now when the competition is greater, where any platform worth its salt will try to retain its own creators and encourage the arrival of new ones who contribute more value with its contents to it.

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