Twitch will penalize hateful and harassing conduct even if it happens off-duty

Twitch is expanding the scope of its Conduct Policy in order to combat harassment and misconduct by its users.

Not only will it take action on those users who behave inappropriately on the platform, but it will also take into account their behavior outside the service.

Twitch Block Users for Serious Off-Platform Conduct

While all social platforms have policies that protect users from harassment, and censor those who behave inappropriately, Twitch goes a step further. And for this, it has made important changes in its conduct policy.

This new line in the Twitch Off-duty Conduct Policy will apply in cases of offenses and crimes, as mentioned on the platform:

[…] We will enforce serious crime measures that pose a substantial security risk to the Twitch community, even if these actions occur entirely outside of Twitch.

Some examples they mention are users who belong to a hate group, terrorist activities, sexual exploitation of minors, violent extremism, among other behaviors and serious crimes. Of course, Twitch does not take reports lightly and will verify each report after an investigative process before applying sanctions.

So Twitch’s policies now contemplate the behavior of users both on and off the service, in order to maintain security on the platform and eradicate any type of harassment.

Although it would be impossible for Twitch to contemplate every situation that originates from the misconduct of its users, it is an important commitment that is intended to take into account a context beyond the platform, and not to overlook serious behavior.

To do this, it has created an email address so that anyone can report the misconduct of a member of the service, taking into account the update of its policies.

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