Twitter adds new options to discover and follow new lists

In the last few months we have seen a lot of news on Twitter. Most of the new features are focused on improving conversation and interaction on the platform.

But some life-long feature changes have also been implemented to help users discover new content. Following this dynamic, Twitter now adds a series of options to make it easier to discover and follow new lists.

The lists have been almost always on Twitter, but they were losing popularity over time. Twitter has tried to resurrect them last year, adding a new dynamic and new options so that its content is more visible and useful to the user. And now Show more recommendations is added to discover new lists in a few steps.

As you can see in the image, just by choosing Show more recommendations you will have a search engine and a range of suggestions to discover lists that fit the theme you are looking for. It follows a dynamic similar to the topic recommendations shown on the timeline as we scroll through the tweets.

Once you find a list that you like, you can follow them from the recommendation section itself or scroll through the tweets that its members have shared. So you can take a look at the users who are part or see how popular the list is from the same section.

A much easier way to find interesting lists without wasting time or hassle with too many clicks. And of course, later you can manage your lists, give priority to favorites and the rest of the settings from the Lists section.

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