Twitter already allows RT with comment

Twitter now automatically plays videos and gifs

Twitter has activated a functionality that can be tremendously useful, the RT with comment.

There are times when a normal retuit is not worth it, because we do not want to simply repeat the words of the other user but add our point of view or one more idea. The official RT is more appropriate most of the time, but there are times when it is not.

That is why many people ignore the official RT and continue to use the manual RT, consisting of writing Comment RT @user, but as you can see, this is not ideal since it consumes many of the few characters that we have available.

This is the new RT with Twitter comment

Twitter has finally realized this practice, after years, and has looked at it to design its new functionality, the RT with comment, or as they have called it. Quote Tweet. The idea is the same, we can add a tweet to an existing one.

The good thing is that using this functionality we will not sacrifice space for ourselves, and we will be able to write our 140 characters, in addition to showing the original tweet. Once published, this RT with comment integrates the original tweet into ours. That yes, it only serves to make RT of a tweet, and if this in turn is an RT of another tweet, the original will not appear.

At the moment this new functionality is available in the Twitter web version and in the app for iOS, but for the moment the users of the app to Android they will have to wait a little longer.

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