Twitter already allows the use of more than one security key per account

One of the options that Twitter offers to log in is to use a USB security key. However, since its implementation it has only been enabled for one physical key per account.

Now expanding this possibility allowing users to use more than one security key to register or login to their account. And that’s not all, Twitter has more plans regarding this authentication method.

You can configure more than one security key on Twitter

As announced by the Twitter team, users will be able to log in with more than one physical key or security key. A dynamic that is enabled both for the web version of Twitter and for mobile apps.

So if you already have a security key configured for your Twitter account, you can go to Settings >> Security and account access >> Two-factor authentication >> Manage security keys. You will see the physical key that you already have configured (to make the changes you want) and the option to add additional security keys.

Of course, these options will always be configurable, so you can change these settings as many times as necessary in your Twitter account. And on the other hand, Twitter also announced that it will soon add the possibility of using security keys as the only 2FA authentication method. So far, those who opt for this option need to configure a secondary login method.

First, they have to activate some of the available authentication methods, such as text messages or through an authentication app. Once they pass that configuration, they can use the security key, either by connecting it to the USB of the equipment, through NFC or Bluetooth.

A great way to get rid of passwords and avoid entering confidential information every time we go to Twitter.

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