Twitter confirms that it is considering a paid subscription model

Earlier in the month, the possibility that Twitter was working on a paid subscription made several headlines. However, there were no official comments on the matter.

And now the issue resurfaces again from the hand of Jack Dorsey, who confirmed that they are considering a premium subscription model as a new source of income.

One detail to keep in mind is that the paid subscription is one of the possibilities, but it is not the only one. They are looking for different alternatives to get more income beyond the Twitter advertising ecosystem.

We want to make sure that any new revenue stream is complementary to our advertising business.

Nor is it a change that we will see in the near future. As mentioned on CNN, Dorsey clarified that any of the options they are considering are still in very early stages, although there is a possibility that they will start with some tests this year.

Regarding the paid subscription model, he did not give details, but mentioned that they are aware that they will have to offer something clearly valuable to the user to request that they pay for certain aspects of Twitter.

Twitter is not having a good month. Not only is he suffering the effects of the coronavirus crisis on his income, but he has also suffered an unprecedented hack that starred celebrities and influential personalities. A sizable decline in income and serious security concerns are a bad combination for investors. So this confirmation of new sources of income could give a piece of peace of mind.

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