Twitter could allow audio recordings to be made in Spaces

It seems that a fight between Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse is approaching, as Twitter continues to work to improve its audio chat room service. Now we have been able to know that the platform of the blue bird (called Larry, for those who do not know him yet) raises the possibility that the hosts of the rooms have the possibility of recording the conversations that take place in them, and being able to distribute them as they wish, approaching more to the world of podcasting.

In this regard, Twitter does not want Twitter Spaces to be too close to the world of podcasting, but they understand that there are hosts who need to have a copy of the conversations that take place in their rooms and then allow access to all those who have not been able to attend them live.

An improvement in its features that would bring it closer to podcasts

The approach was announced by Kayvon Beykpour, head of consumer products at Twitter, in a podcast for the publication The Verge, considering two fundamental aspects: the fact that it should be a choice and addressing the challenge that the hosts can also allow that participants can also share audio snippets in conversations.

In this regard, it notes the following:

Now the challenge with that is that you have a really challenging kind of consent problem because you have the intention of the host in mind, does the host want this conversation to be kept or shared? (Then) there are the speakers, who are a different actor than the host. Your consent is really important

It should be noted that Twitter maintains a recording of the conversations that take place in the rooms, with a permanence of about 30 days for moderation purposes, although the hosts will be able to download these conversations as well as have the corresponding transcripts, if they have enabled this possibility. in its sessions, being a substantial difference compared to Clubhouse, which maintains conversations while the corresponding rooms are available.

In The Verge they believe that Twitter Spaces is getting very close to the operation of Fireside, the audio application of Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi soon to be released, which will allow recordings of the conversations, and even also allow to include live musical themes so that the experience can be more like podcasts.

It is already a matter of continuing to advance on Twitter Spaces, although the interview also addressed other future features to come, including Super Follows, which will make Twitter join the trend on other social platforms to allow support for creators directly. of his own followers.

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