Twitter, indispensable in the educational field

One only has to look at the world to realize the speed with which the traditional paradigms associated with information, communication and knowledge are changing. Traditional educational models must be adapted to the new norms that govern the world. There is no doubt that social networks have played a determining role in this break from the stagnation of the educational model, closed and structured for several centuries. Colleges and Universities check how virtual spaces are consolidated as great allies for innovation and interaction, based on the maxim that establishes that the formative process of a person must be centered on creativity. And the reason is found specifically in today’s world where innovation and dynamism encourages new generations to awaken their creativity, achieving through disruptive thoughts – creating a new relationship between existing resources and with it new opportunities, new forms of to do the things. Breakthrough generations that with each and if we do.? They place today’s society at the highest level of demand around education.

Is it possible to affirm that it has been the emergence of social networks that modifies the minds of future generations in a total and structural way and shows how profoundly obsolete traditional educational models have become?

Undoubtedly this is the case, a clear example of this is Twitter, which not only revolutionizes the way we inform or communicate, but also plays a leading role thanks to simultaneous interaction and in pursuit of joint objectives. We have many examples of the hegemony of Twitter; The credit crisis in Chile, the educational crisis in Chile, the Middle East conflicts, the Japan Earthquake and so on, with which we can measure the impact of Twitter on the communication of the new century. If Twitter is changing the paradigms associated with communication, no It is surprising that it is consolidated in a vertiginous way as an essential educational tool and the key to this is found in the intrinsic relationship that exists between disruptive thinking and the rising trend towards innovation and creativity as a starting point to achieve value. Necessary addition to stand out in a world with fierce competition. Thus, while Facebook helps with its profiles, groups and social games in the consolidation of an educational ecosystem, Twitter is not lagging behind and thanks to its underlying advantages it becomes a powerful tool pedagogical but How do we use Twitter for education?The user lists are essential for the educational field, through them the users of our network of contacts can be grouped by subjects and themes, which implies a high degree of efficient organization.To maximize the advantages of Twitter in the educational framework, it is very interesting to associate a #hashtag to each list, thus facilitating the work of finding the most relevant tweets associated with each subject. Additionally, its immediate and dynamic nature transforms Twitter is a very powerful tool to generate dialogue and discussions, which feeds learning through constant updating. Links and mentions are the best Twitter resources so that students can access the topics of their interest, achieving with the archive of the weekly tweets, complement the study material through current affairs and its application in the matter. The 140-character social network is the only one that facilitates the break with traditional roles, teacher-student relationships are established under horizontal structure with a high level of efficiency. Although it is not well known, the viral and dynamic nature of Twitter encourages and allows participation in br ainstorming (brainstorming) which encourages innovation and creativity and keeps educational and training processes in constant dynamism, not in vain, learning occurs when an innovative aspect is discovered and this does not necessarily have to happen within classes today Twitter is one of the best tools to transmit, train and allow global, dynamic and changing learning. Twitter is consolidated as the gateway to an education more appropriate to current needs and manages to awaken the interest of students in learnings through interaction with their networks.Advertisements: Through the notice board, students and teachers establish a communication channel.Subject summaries: 140 characters that are very useful to share the different subjects with our networkLinks: the ease and propagation of links, favors access to relevant subjects that are the link between students and teachers, with their interests and needs.Twitter as an ideal tool for accessing people to create biographical profiles that optimize historical learning.Meetings and alliances, the social network of 140 characters is optimal for organizing work groups and meetings with other students, from other centers and even from other countries, which implies a total openness to the acquisition of global knowledge. We cannot forget that Twitter is a tool Therefore, active participation in the micro-network encourages quality writing and improves the creation of high-impact phrases that direct our network to the content we want to share. Additionally, Twitter is optimal for learning new languagesIn short, we can establish that a social network in which the dynamism, the transmission of relevant information and interaction, are its fundamental pillars, it has so many uses applied to education that, is it in itself a training tool or is it not a reality that we all learn daily through tweets? Cognitive knowledge and social behavior open up before us with each flutter of the bird. Remember to also take a look at the article Using Twitter in the academic world.Image: Twitter & Iconshock

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