Twitter integrates Yelp to tag tweets

Twitter has relied on Yelp so that users in the UK and Japan can geo-tag their tweets with where they've sent them.

For now this possibility is available through the mobile applications for Android and iOS, although it will soon reach the web version as well. It so happens that for a month now it has also been possible to geo-tag tweets in Germany and also thanks to the integration with Yelp.

At the moment it is not known the intentions of Twitter as to whether it will maintain its integration with Foursquare for geo-tagging of tweets in the United States, available for practically a year, or whether to move to integrate Yelp for that market now.The reason for choosing Yelp for the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany is due to the enormous weight that Yelp has in these markets in relation to Foursquare.

In any case, those users who see geo-tagged tweets will be able to press these tags to obtain more information regarding the places themselves, from the basic details to the ratings received, also assuming a greater exposure of these places, which could take the opportunity to to be able to get new potential users through Twitter.

In this way, Twitter continues to bet on geo-labels to further encourage interactions with users. In this sense, it should be noted that Facebook has long allowed users to register and tag their status updates with the places they go to, generating a large database of places around the world for the social network.

With this, Twitter relies on Yelp and its growing database to condition user behaviors that allow them to have them as long as possible using their application through different utilities that make it possible.

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