Twitter Introduces New Chat Feature for Direct Messages

In the midst of the earthquake that has shaken the foundations of computer security, Twitter has introduced a new function related to how we send direct messages between people.

It is a new interface for your direct messages on the web, which allows us to send and receive DMs without having to leave the timeline.

Currently we have to access a separate section of the Twitter web to send and receive messages, but the idea is not to do so. We will have a pop-up window in the lower right part of the timeline, so as not to interrupt the reading or the position.

According to the Twitter video, it looks like an interface similar to the one on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Although the news is good, it has been overshadowed by the bitter sense of insecurity that exists on the most famous content platform on the Internet. The official Twitter account announced the launch of the feature at 4:51 p.m. ET, about half an hour after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter account was hacked to promote a bitcoin scam.

And it is not an isolated case that will soon be forgotten, it is a sign of weakness a few months before the elections in the United States. If it’s that easy to post fake content on Twitter, the world of fake news is only just beginning. If they have been able to invade accounts of the level of Bill Gates, Barack Obama or Apple, imagine that of the poor mortals, who could start tweeting information of all kinds without the user knowing.

Anyway, the fact is that the new interface for Twitter DM seems to have been under development since April of this year, and will be implemented on the web progressively.

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