Twitter is considering these features for its paid subscription

Twitter is surveying some users on the features they would like to see in a paid subscription.

Jack Dorsey confirmed that they are considering paid subscription to complement their advertising ecosystem. But it did not elaborate on the features or dynamics it is considering implementing to make the premium option attractive to users.

Now with this survey you can see some of the options you are considering for your paid subscription. And no, the option to edit tweets is not included.

Some examples that are mentioned in the surveys.

  • Custom colors for the web version and Twitter application
  • An undo send option with a 30 second margin
  • The ability to publish videos with longer duration and higher resolution
  • Advanced metrics and analytics to see the scope of our publications
  • Work Related Profile Badges
  • Option to create and set quick responses
  • Listening Social
  • Brand Surveys

A combination of options to customize the dynamics of the account and track its influence. On the other hand, the survey also included some characteristics designed for those who use the platform to expand their job opportunities or as part of their recruitment system.

As the survey mentions, this is only part of a test and does not reflect the features that could be added in a paid subscription. However, they do not give an overview of the areas they intend to include to attract users’ attention.

You can see some examples of these surveys in the screenshots shared by some users, such as Matt Navarra.

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