Twitter is starting to test voice tweets

Twitter began as a platform where the only way to express yourself publicly or only with your own followers was through tweets of 140 characters, although over time, Twitter has added the possibility of accompanying them with images, videos or gifs, or even double the capacity. maximum characters allowed per tweet to 280, to facilitate the expression of what you wanted to communicate.

But there may be cases in which with these elements it is not possible to express with the same level of nuance with which one can express oneself through the voice, which is why Twitter is opting for this new way of communication on its platform.

In this sense, as of today, Twitter is starting to test voice tweets, initially reaching a limited group of iOS users to expand to the rest of iOS users over the next few weeks.

Voice tweets will have a duration of about 140 seconds, although Twitter offers the possibility to create tweet threads by voice automatically for those where 140 seconds may be insufficient.

All users will be able to see the tweets by voice in their timelines, being able to click on the image to listen to its contents. In the case of iOS, users will get an additional window located at the bottom, where they can control the playback of voice tweets.

Y Like the rest of tweets, users will have the possibility to reply to them by text, according to the possibilities established by the creators.

To create a tweet by voice, simply open the tweet composer and press the new button with a wave icon. From then on, users will have a simple interface that allows them to start and end voice recordings.

Once the recording or voice recording thread is finished, they will return to the tweet composer, where they can add any comments and later go on to publish them on their timelines.

For now, we do not know the mechanisms that will be taken to prevent the abuse of this new feature for offensive purposes, or even for now we will not know the implication that this feature will have at the marketing level, and it could be an ideal way to promote podcasts or even any product. usually.

We must be attentive to its evolution over time and the implications it may have in different segments.

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