Twitter is testing to play YouTube videos from tweets

Twitter is testing a new feature in its iOS app. This feature allows users to play YouTube videos directly from tweets.

This new dynamic follows the initiative of Twitter to improve the visualization of multimedia content from the mobile.

New way to watch YouTube videos without leaving Twitter

As mentioned by the Twitter team, its app for iOS already allows you to play YouTube videos directly from the timeline. Although it is not yet a stable function, it is already in testing.

So you don’t have to leave the conversation or the timeline to view the video on YouTube, or deal with the links. A simple click on the tweet and you’re done. This is part of the new dynamics that Twitter is testing to improve the way it displays multimedia content on the timeline.

We have already seen that he plans to change the way he displays images in tweets, giving them a full size, without cropping. A dynamic that will be applied to the visualization of images from the mobile. And of course, there will be exceptions, images that are very wide or tall will have cropping applied.

On the other hand, Twitter is also testing the loading and display of 4K images from mobile apps. And now, it is the turn of YouTube videos so that their viewing does not interrupt the conversation on the platform. At the moment, this function is being tested only on iOS devices with a small group of users in the United States, Japan, Canada, among other countries.

As mentioned in The Verge, this test will last a month and depending on the results, it may be extended to more users in the future. So we will have to wait to see if this function arrives officially in the coming months.

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