Twitter prepares responses with emojis

Over time, all social networks end up adopting the same resources: threads, filters, different types of likes, sharing, stories … some copies make sense, although others are a bit forced.

The one that seems to be leaving the line was Twitter, which has always been a content network, rather than a social network, although from the last few movements it seems that the line is curving.

After knowing that I was applying stories in some profiles, now it seems that they are testing the answers with emojis, as it has begun to be seen in some captures:

Apparently Twitter is thinking of giving us the ability to react more appropriately to public tweets. The screenshot is from applications researcher Jane Manchun Wong, and it doesn’t leave much room for imagination.

The social network launched similar reactions to Facebook’s for Direct Messages in January, but Wong, known for separating apps to search for hidden features in testing, found an experimental panel that allows us to choose from a variety of reactions. It’s right next to the Retweet and Retweet with Comment buttons.

It is not the same as on Facebook, and the reactions are different from those we find in direct messages, but as it is something still in development at the moment, we could have surprises at launch.

In the image that Wong posted, we also have the option to React with Fleet, Stories-like tweets that disappear after 24 hours.

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