Twitter secretly works on a new subscription platform

Twitter has been looking for engineers to join the new development team of your new platform by subscription, which for now will be known under the codename Gryphon, and that at the moment the fit of the same within the functions of Twitter is unknown.

On the one hand they are looking for a Full Stack software engineer, in charge of directing the Development of the Payment and Subscription client, and that, based on the description of the offer, your team will work closely with the payments team and the team.

And on the other hand they are looking for another engineer, although currently the offer has been eliminated from LinkedIn, where it was published, which basically indicated that the team collaborate to rebuild some of the Twitter services to produce a subscription management platform.

For now everything is speculation, from those that point out that Twitter tries to offer a premium experience, in which it will not contain ads and if it offers some customizations, targeting especially advanced users, to those speculations that they see as an attempt to launch a service like Twitch or Patreon for subscribing to certain types of accounts.

Twitter is still keeping the project a secret, and the only thing it has done in the last few hours is the removal of references to the subscription function and the Gryphon team in the offerings, just pointing out that they are looking for an Android engineer to work in a group of back-end engineering teams to build components that allow experimentation to deliver the best possible experience to all of our users.

Keep in mind that Twitter already I had been exploring the possibility of offering subscription options for years for advanced users, for which it has been launching a series of surveys in recent years.

The new subscription service would complement their current sources of income, that is, advertisements and data licensing. As we say in these cases, we can only wait for new information to arrive.

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