Twitter will block links that promote hate and violence

Twitter is expanding its policy on shared links on the platform. A change that will take effect as of July 30.

Links do not go unnoticed by Twitter, as it wants to ensure that users are not directed to external content that is harmful. To do this, it applies a series of measures to limit the distribution of links on the platform that violate its policies.

For example, links related to phishing attempts, containing malware, misleading URLs, spam links, etc. And of course, all those links that direct the user to websites with prohibited content on Twitter.

Following this line, the Twitter team announced that links that promote violence and hateful behavior will also be included in these categories. In this way, the rules that apply to tweets are also imposed on shared links.

Although Twitter applies different measures taking into account the context, in this case, it may suspend the accounts of users who repeatedly share these types of links. And of course, block the URL so that it is not visible to others.

Once the link has been blocked, no one on the platform will be able to share it, as mentioned in the Twitter Help Center:

If we block a link, you will see an error message if you try to include it in your Tweet, Direct Message or profile. The message says: You cannot complete this action because Twitter or our partners identified this link as potentially harmful. Visit our Help Center for more information.

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