Two alternatives to using the "notch" on mobile phones to gain front space

We have already seen in the past MWV 2018 how some of the new models of Android phones are also betting on having the characteristic notch of the iPhone X, in order to follow that the screen continues to conquer space on the front of the phones, a trend that continue to grow, although luckily there are also other alternatives to the solution adopted by Apple for iPhone X and followed by other manufacturers of mobile phones.

In the first place there is Meizu, who has a patent that bets on a screen model that bets on offering the camera integrated directly into it, without the need for a notch, and that would be under the Graphene glass used in the screen, as they point out from GizChina.

In addition, the light sensor and proximity sensor would also be accompanying it on both sides, leaving the camera in the middle. These three elements will almost touch the top edge of the screens.

With this, Meizu is committed to dispensing with the notch by incorporating the elements directly on the same screen in a much more discreet way, encompassing more space on the front of the phones. What we do not know yet is how the system interface could behave with these elements incorporated on the same screen and if Android would also contemplate it natively in its future version.

And on the other hand, there is also the Essential solution, whose patent was granted last August.

Recently, Andy Rubn, its co-founder, remembered it on his Twitter account in response to a user. The idea of ​​Essential is quite similar to the one offered by Vivo with Apex, that is, a front pop-up camera that will appear at the time of taking a photograph with it, being well stored inside the device when it is not used. .

As we can see, they are two of the solutions offered by some manufacturers of smart mobile phones as alternatives to the use of notch when it comes to gaining more space on the front with the intention that in the future it can capture a screen-front relation of the mobile 100%.

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