Two places to practice frequency recognition and musical notes

Hearing a tone and saying the exact frequency of it, or a note, and being able to identify it with help, is something worthy of someone who has an extremely well-trained ear.

If that is your goal, and you have speakers capable of reproducing from very low to very high frequencies, take a look at these two sites that, although they do not stand out for being very clean and modern, they are practical in that regard.

– we can choose two different instruments, piano or guitar. Once chosen, we will press the play button to listen to a random note played with the selected instrument. The objective is simple: we have to replicate the note on an existing virtual keyboard, trying to increase the hit counter built into it.

– less musical, since it is about recognizing frequencies, not notes. In this case we only have to give the Start button and listen to a tone, being necessary to identify it among the different existing options. There are two levels, one with more options and the other with less, although in both cases we have frequencies that few ears will be able to hear, mainly the lowest (there is none higher than 12.5 KHz).

Ideal for spending time and discovering our hearing.

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