Two portals to plan trips during the pandemic

Although restrictions are being relaxed in various parts of the world, it is still difficult to travel and cross some borders amid the current pandemic.

For those who need to travel, there are some platforms that are dedicated to monitoring the status of traffic control measures in force today. Here we highlight two complete and interesting alternatives.

Many of us have not traveled for months, because of everything that happened during these months of health emergency. Gradually, some restriction measures have been relaxed, in some cases widening the radii of travel between cities.

Even so, traveling with the ease of before seems to be a distant idea, making many transfers difficult that some people for various reasons need to make. If we add to that the nascent interest in another group of the population to plan trips of a tourist nature in the future, we can see that trips have not ceased to be an important object of attention and interest.

Travelbans, to keep track of the measures taken in each country

To monitor the evolution of the measures that currently control the movement of people between the main latitudes of the world, Travelbans was created, a database constantly updated with the most recent announcements of this category in 240 countries and regions.

This platform is non-commercial in nature and collects data from official sources of information, covering global flight restrictions and informing about the plans to reopen the borders of some countries, quarantine protocols and COVID-19 exam certification. , if a vaccine requirement applies and the flight route relaunch dates.

Navigating the site is straightforward. All you have to do is search for the country of interest to immediately access its information sheet. For this, you can use the search engine provided on its cover or navigate through the side menu, which groups the countries by continent.

It is important to note that the information shared in Travelbans is only for reference.

This service, in addition to the web browser, offers notifications by email and keeps a Telegram channel updated in real time, with the latest news reported on the site.


COVID-19 Controls, with more detailed data

In a spirit similar to that of Travelbans, we also highlight COVID-19 Controls. Through a map, this site allows you to navigate through the data currently known from the official sources of each country regarding whether or not the entry of tourists is allowed and around the currently active services, such as restaurants, commerce, public transport and tourist attractions.

In addition, this platform notifies if the COVID-19 outbreak is kept under control in the country consulted, along with exposing the data that support this observation (cases of contagion, deaths, growth of the curve, among others).


Although the supporters of these platforms make the effort to keep their information base as up-to-date as possible, it is always recommended to review the announcements issued by the competent authorities of each country and schedule trips only if it is necessary to do so.

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