Two quick ways to save and share links in Inbox, the "new Gmail"

In the course of the Inbox week, the new Gmail launched, among other features, a practical extension for Chrome that allows you to save any link in your inbox if not share it in a new message immediately capturing it from the browser's extension bar.

Well, it was necessary to delve into two practical possibilities of the extension that have been little promoted but that further extend its productivity, among them, that related to Copy-Paste and the section of Saved of pages in Inbox.

1. Ctrl + C

To put it to use, simply hold open a Chrome tab with Inbox open, and on another tab, when you detect a URL that interests you, simply give Ctrl + C to copy it. Immediately go back to the tab where Inbox is open and you will immediately see how a small blue floating button with a clip is displayed, which when clicked will display the options to save and share.

2. Links are saved, but where are they saved?

The other detail has to do with the space where the pages are stored and that is that, regardless of whether the extension button is used – the one in the first image of this article – or the automatic copying, everything will end up not only to main inbox but to a special section called Savedpresent inReceived Sets on the left side of Gmail, or better, what your automatic folders / labels will be. Of course, from there you can manage everything saved, in particular, to share it.

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