Two tricks you did not know about WhatsApp: share mp3 and change typography

WhatsApp is still a relatively primitive application. There are many resources that could be included in the platform, but we must bear in mind that hundreds of millions of daily users use this messenger app, so a simple change of coma can have a huge impact, that is the This is why new features have to be tested thousands of times, including hidden resources if necessary, to be tested little by little.

Among these hidden resources we have two especially useful ones:

Change the font in Whatsapp

The text we write on WhatsApp always has the same font, but it is possible to change it by adding the inverse accent `three times before and after each phrase that you want to modify. In this way, the text Hello appear with a different typeface than if we wrote it without the preceding and following accents, as we show in the image above.

Ideal for highlighting parts of a conversation, for example, although it is important to keep in mind that the typeface that will appear in the web version is different from the one that will appear in the mobile app.

Upload an mp3 file

If you have tried to share an mp3 file with any contact, you will surely have experienced the frustration of not finding a way to do it via WhatsApp. That is something that can be solved easily: before sharing the file, change the format of the file, modifying the extension .mp3 for .mp4

Whatsapp s allows you to share mp4 files, and when you find it, upload it thinking that it is a video. When the recipient receives it and plays it, they will not see any video, logically, but they will hear the sound of the original mp3.

Two tricks to continue being a WhatsApp expert.

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