Type Studio, a video editor that is managed with a text editor

When we want to cut a video we generally have to open a suitable editor and select the seconds we want to delete. Type Studio uses a completely different system, based on a text editor.

It is a new platform that takes the text from the video and puts it next to it. When we delete certain words from the text, the corresponding seconds are removed from the video, that easy.

Available at, it allows you to create a free account and upload a video to start testing it, although it is also possible to use an example video so that we can play with it.

Among the existing functions we have:

– Transcription of the video text. – Possibility of eliminating pieces of video as we erase the words of the text. – Option to automatically include subtitles in the video. – Possibility of changing the subtitles by changing the transcribed text. – Export of the result.

If speech recognition is not 100% accurate, you can easily correct the text in the editor interface.

For free we can transcribe (and edit) videos of 20 minutes a month, but in this first phase they increase the amount to 40 minutes. Uploaded videos cannot be longer than 10 minutes, and must be less than 100 megabytes.

The bad news is that it does not manage to transcribe videos in a language other than English, although if you have the text, you can always copy and paste it and hope that the synchronization is correct (something not very recommended). Hopefully they will expand their borders shortly.

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