Uber co-founder faces 2 years in jail

uber - Travis Kalanick

After an initial period when everyone was too surprised to react, in recent months we are seeing a real attack on all fronts against Uber and other transportation services.

Uber in the spotlight

The last of all has been in South Korea, where the CEO of Uber has been accused of operate an illegal taxi service in the country; State prosecutors have filed the lawsuit against Travis Kalanick and the head of MK Korea, a local car rental company. Under Korean law, car rental services are prohibited from offering paid passenger transportation, so everything indicates that the local company offered trips with Uber, although the specific details of the case have not been made public.

If found guilty, the CEO of Uber and MK Korea will face a penalty of 20 million won (14,800) or up to two years in jail. The accusation came after taxi drivers complained that their business had been adversely affected by Uber’s arrival; the service continues to operate in Sel despite the city council itself offering a reward of 1 million won (743) to anyone who reported illegal Uber activities.

End Uber with no places to offer its service?

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