Uber indefinitely halts testing of autonomous vehicles in Arizona

A little over two months have passed since the fatal collision of one of Uber's autonomous cars. Following the incident, Uber withdrew its autonomous vehicles from traffic, although it has not been until now that the official recall has occurred. As we read in the Wall Street Journal, the company has indefinitely halted testing of autonomous vehicles in the state of Arizona.

Apparently, the source would have had access to an internal statement from the company in which Uber confirms the closure of the autonomous vehicle testing program and the dismissal of the 300 drivers who were in charge of working on this project. This is a measure that comes shortly after the Arizona government's bans because of all the commotion caused by the accident.

In the statement, the company explains that they are highly committed to autonomous driving technology, so Hope to be able to test your vehicles on the public road again soon. Even so, they affirm that at the moment they are focused on reviewing the necessary security measures to prevent similar accidents from happening again in the future.

As we see, Uber is optimistic and hopes to be able to return to the roads in the coming months. Once the National Transportation Safety Board has completed the investigation of the case, Uber could retest its vehicles. in places like San Francisco, Toronto and Pittsburgh. Even so, if you want to continue your tests in California you will have to apply for a new permit, as well as face any follow-up analysis.

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