UberBICI arrives in Colombia to allow the bike to be carried in their cars, e.g. when it rains

UberBICI Colombia

It is common to think about taking the bike to work or to the University but give up doing it because at night you have another plan and there is nothing to do with it. It is also normal that just on the days you go by bike a heavy downpour falls halfway and staying stranded waiting for it to clear is not an option.

Well, so as not to dispense with multimodal transport (different means in the same day), which is what people have started to adopt for their efficiency, at Uber Colombia they have presented a service called UberBICI ready to request from their mobile application at any time : Cars equipped with a special support at the rear to be able to load the bike while arriving at the destination.

Uber's reasons for the appeal of such a new option is that there are no more public or private means of transport that allow the bike to be transported and that riding it, in addition to being quite healthy, even on partial journeys, greatly helps the mobility of the city. That yes, for the novelty, it may take longer to appear a car with the new charging bracket than a usual Uber car.

To request the service, just open the Uber app and scroll the main selection tool to where it says UberBICI; Subtract request and wait for the car with the bike rack. Initially, they will be available to Bogot users, but they point out in @Uber_Col that they will soon arrive in Medelln too.

More information: Uber news site

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